Wallet Card 2015

Also known as 'Is that a little Venezuelan in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?'


This is my wallet. There's a bit of a story to it - it was a Christmas gift from my wife a few years back, and the baseball inlay is from a game-used ball. According to the MLB Authentication hologram inside, the game in which it was used was July 2nd, 2011 when the Phillies came to Toronto over Canada Day weekend. The ball itself was part of an Eric Thames broken-bat single off of Roy Halladay. Something Roy Halladay once touched now spends an inordinate amount of time near my butt. But that's not what this is about.

The other day, Night Owl posted about Baseball Card Breakdown's wallet card game for 2014, which piqued my interest. The gist of the game is that you pick a card - any card - and carry it in your wallet for a year. Along the way, take pictures of the card and you could win fame ⑴, cash ⑵, and prizes ⑶.

⑴ this depends on your definition of fame
⑵ I don't think there's any cash involved, unless you can turn your aforementioned fame into monetary gain
 there might actually be prizes

This brought me back to this post from February 2013, where I shared a scan of a Ray Burris card a friend of mine found in a wall and kept in his wallet. I always thought it was pretty cool that he kept a card in his wallet, even though it looked like it had gone to hell and back. 


Back to the game.

My wallet is a bit smaller than average, so my first choices of Score '91 Ryne Sandberg 'Man of the Year' and Allen & Ginter 2013 Abe Vigoda were no good. I wished they would fit so I might forget about this project, and years down the road my kids would ask me why I have baseball cards of old men in suits in my wallet, but I guess it's not meant to be. I moved on to the minis - I have more duplicates than I had realized - so it was easy to find one to part with/keep with me at all times. I chose Jose Altuve: a mini mini. My hope is that by the time this game is through, it will actually look like it came from 1972, the year this Topps Mini is styled after.


So there he goes, Jose Altuve, in my wallet along with some of that plastic money of ours. He'll come out from time to time for pictures, which I will post here, you know, for all that glory I mentioned.

U see that 2?

I was reading the iOS Human Interface Guidelines the other night, and I came to the section about icons and their selected/de-selected states, where the icons from the iOS version of iTunes were used as an example. I thought the icon that is used for 'Artists' (the singer with microphone) was somehow new, because it looked different, but strangely familiar.

I opened up iTunes on my phone and clicked on 'Artists' and sure enough, it's the same icon just in a different colour. I still couldn't shake the feeling that I have seen this guy somewhere else before.

The big Apple iPhone and Watch announcement this past Tuesday was accompanied by another bit of news that was received with less fanfare and more groans - U2's latest album is available for download for free. In fact, if you're an iTunes user, it's already in your downloads folder. Go check. I'll wait. Intrusive, no?

The partnership between Apple and U2 goes back a decade through various releases, advertisements and products, most notably the PRODUCT(RED) initiative.

Is this another collaboration? Is that little 'Artists' icon dude *gasp* Bono?

The Apple iTunes 'Artists' icon and Bono, Irish song shouter of U2.

The similarities are striking. Both have mouth agape, collared jacket, as well as the same nose, forehead, hair and microphone. I could be very late to the party and this could be old news, but it caught me by surprise.