There's a damaged electrical conduit at Lakeshore Blvd W and Rees St in Toronto. What do you see?

Damaged Electrical Conduit @ Lakeshore and Rees Street, Toronto

I don't know about you, but this is what I saw:

I wonder if it can moonwalk. 

That's some 'Bad' damage - they will probably have to take that electric box 'Off the Wall' to fix it. It would be a 'Thriller' if some 'Smooth Criminal' with stencil skills could do this before they repair it. You can 'Beat It' if you think these Michael Jackson jokes are awful, what, do you 'Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'?

1,000 Days

This is the 1,000th morning in a row that I haven't awoken wondering, "Who do I owe an apology to today?"

See, I stopped drinking 1,000 days ago. It was killing me and it was killing my relationship, so I stopped.

I didn't use a traditional support group to get sober (although they can be helpful for lots of people). I took inspiration from my mother, who has been sober herself for almost two decades, and support from my loving and patient wife, my family and friends.

Silly though, when I first cleaned up, I worried about becoming this guy:

I thought fun would be over. I was wrong. Way wrong.

It feels good to have a clear head. It's nice to know I can still be creative without the sauce - in fact - I feel that I create more sober than I ever did drunk. I enjoy baseball more than I ever have in the past, and I don't drop $90 on beer when I go to a Jays game. I'm having more fun now than I did back in my drinking days.

Even more ridiculous than thinking I couldn't have fun after getting clean was when someone asked me early on: "This is just temporary, right?" That steeled my resolve to stay clean. Also, fuck that guy.

So, if you're like I was, and you find yourself struggling with addiction and want to get clean, know that there is life after your vice. Fun can be found. Help is there - it's with your family, friends and local support groups.

And Homer, baseball isn't boring.